Isuzu Kanada Healing Arts    MELT® Yoga & Healing

Calgary, AB, Canada & Japan

  • Caught a hand in the door. 
Hand swollen.
    Caught a hand in the door. Hand swollen.
  • in 10 minutes after quick MELT.
    in 10 minutes after quick MELT.

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For more details and to register, go to class/event page or contact Isuzu first with full name and phone number by email. Thank you.

Would you like to bring MELT workshop/class to your workplace or your area? or create MELT Party!  Ask me about MELT private session or create your own MELT class, Corporate MELT, MELT Party with your friends, family or colleagues at your home or workplace.   Sample:  Lunch & Learn mini session (30~45 minutes) with 3 participants  @$25 pp  *depends on location, travel time and expense maybe added. 

Be aware!   MELT products (except book) are only sold by MELT official site or by Certified MELT Instructor. Products sold by third party such as Amazon will NOT MELT products even though it says...   the book called "MELT your pain Away" is not MELT Method and it's violating legal issues, copyright etc and even the author was never trained by Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT Method.   

Want to teach MELT?  Hand and Foot Training is the very first step to become MELT Instructor.   Join the MELT creator Sue Hitzmann to learn how to teach!  click below. It will redirect you to the MELT official site.