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  • Caught a hand in the door. 
Hand swollen.
    Caught a hand in the door. Hand swollen.
  • in 10 minutes after quick MELT.
    in 10 minutes after quick MELT.

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For more info about upcoming event, workshop or classes and to register, go to class/event page or contact Isuzu first with full name and phone number by email. Thank you.

Special Offer ends on April 08.  Spot is limited.
Book your session early to avoid disappointment.

2 offers to new clients   
1. Any Intro workshops offered at my living room (private or semi-private) or at your place (minimum 2 persons).   depends on your location, travel time & expenses maybe added or waived. If you want to work on specific health issue, please consider several private sessions after Intro workshop.  

2. Book private session and  you receive 1 Large soft ball (USD 10.00 value)* so you can continue MELTing hand and foot at home and your body (connective tissue system) might be ready with MELT foam roller for your next session. 

MELT techniques are evolved!   Last spring, I had more training to update teaching skills. So many subtle changes with great result.   If you have not seen me (your MELT instructor) for 1 or more years, you need to refresh and refine your self-treatment skills.   

Please come to see me or MELT instructor in the class, take private session or workshop! 

Would you like to bring MELT workshop/class to your workplace or your area? or create MELT Party? Ask me about MELT private session or create your own MELT class, Corporate MELT, MELT Party with your friends, family or colleagues at your home or workplace.   Sample:  Lunch & Learn mini session (30~45 minutes) with 3 participants  @$25 pp  *depends on location, travel time and expense maybe added. 

Want to teach MELT?  Hand and Foot Training is the very first step to become MELT Instructor.   Join the MELT creator Sue Hitzmann to learn how to teach!  click below. It will redirect you to the MELT official site. 

2018 Instructor Training Schedule 

March 16 ~ 18   New York 

April 13 ~ 15   Austin TX

June 6 ~ 10  Barkeley, CA

October 12 ~ 14   Portland, OR