Isuzu Kanada Healing Arts    MELT®, Yoga & Healing

Calgary, AB, Canada & Japan

About Isuzu

I was born and raised in Japan. I began my career as a tour guide traveling all over the world and relocated to the country of the Netherlands, where I lived for 2.5 years before coming to Canada.

I was already familiar with Ki (Chi) Energy, native to the culture of Japan in which I had grown up.  However, I had never really thought about "how this energy field worked, until 2003, when I began the study of Reiki, to become a Reiki Practitioner. 

Continuing my never-ending search for something concise yet more simple, I was led to discover the practice of Reconnective Healing® in 2008, Calgary, AB.

After I received my own Reconnection®, I finally felt like I had come home.  These frequencies have been the most simple and powerful healing modalities I have ever experienced and that was what I'd been looking for.

And personally, I have experienced a health improvement.  A year after I received the Reconnection®, I found out that the disorder of my intestine which I was born with had completely became normal.

After practiced Reconnective Healing for a couple of years in Calgary AB, I relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona USA.  While resided there, I've found the yoga that speak to me and I became Yoga teacher.  Shortly after starting my Yoga Journey,  I was led to discover the MELT Method.

Since back to Calgary, I've been pursuing to become MELT instructor and have trained extensively by Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT Method.  

I am one of first Advanced MELT instructors in Calgary and one and the only in Japan.  I am also BoomerPlus Yoga Therapy Practitioner and Indian Head Massage Practitioner.

  • Reconnection® completed in Canada 2009
  • Reconnective Healing with Animals taught by Renee Coltson. completed in Canada 2010
  • Reconnective Yoga® Instructor Certificate Course graduated in L.A, USA 2010
  • Certified Level III Practitioner exam completed and passed 2012
  • RYT200 trained in Anusara Yoga perspective, graduated from Yoga Village in Scottsdale, Arizona 2012
  • BoomerPlus® Therapy & Yoga Rehab training completed and certified in Arizona, 2012
  • MELT Method Hand and Foot Instructor Training - completed and certified, in May 2013
  • MELT Method Length Instructor Training - completed and certified in September 2013
  • Indian Head Massage Training - completed and certified in November 2014
  • MELT NeuroStrength Instructor Training Level 1 - completed and certified, January 2015
  • MELT continued training (required every 2 years) completed in April, 2017 

I love animals, especially cats.   I was volunteer at Calgary Humane Society (Kitty Karma), dog sitter for Alberta Guide Dog Service and Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Program in Calgary.   Volunteered at ABC animal Shelter in Phoenix, Arizona.  

I am also passionate about flamenco and fly-fishing.

I love to meet new people and happy to chat with you about my service!

Please feel free to contact me and looking forward to meeting and sharing these modalities with you!

Other modalities I've studies and interest.

Reiki 1, 2

Brain Gym 101

Brain Education, Certified B.E.S.T. Yoga Instructor (Ki-Gong Yoga Level 1)

Mana Healing (Hawaiian Energy Healing)