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MELT Hand and Foot DVD


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The MELT Hand and Foot Treatments DVD includes 2 discs (nearly 2 1/2 hours), and comes with an easy, customizable program so you can get started today. The enclosed Getting Started Guide gives you everything you need to begin your journey to living pain-free.

includes 8 individualized treatments for the hands and feet so you can MELT on your own every day!

Disc 1

• Introduction to MELT: The Real Cause of Pain

• The Method of MELTing: Tools and Techniques

• Getting Started Guide

• Tips and Modifications

• Your First 2 Hand and Foot Treatments

Disc 2

• 4 Hand Treatments

• 4 Foot Treatments

• 2 Bonus Treatments

Plus a 16-page illustrated Getting Started Guide, including:

• Getting Started

• Self-Treatment Plan

• Special Circumstances

• Self-Treatment Plans

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