Isuzu Kanada Healing Arts    MELT®, Yoga & Healing

Calgary, AB, Canada & Japan

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Isuzu Kanada - MELT Instructor, completed MELT Length & NeuroStrength 1

Please contact me with full name, phone number and email address

email: [email protected] 

If you wish to speak with me, let me know by email first, so I can call you or email you back with my contact number.  Thank you.   Or you can find my contact number at MELT official site.  

NOTE:  I may not be able to answer your call, when sessions in process. Please leave your name and phone number.  I will get back to you as soon as I can. Or contacting me by email is even better.  I intend to reply back to you within 2 days.  However, if you did not hear from me more than 3 days or longer, please contact me again in case technical problem occurs.  Thank you.


My Living Room  

at my home in Evergreen Community SW Calgary  

*Address to be advised after booked your appointment. 

Everridge GDNS SW Calgary

Mobile service can be arranged for special circumstances such as physical issues or for MELT Party, creating your own group at your home or at work.